"Barbara K's talents range so wide and so deep that trying to come to a full comprehension of them is as hard as trying to capture them in words. Over the years I've found that whenever I think that I might finally have a handle on Barbara's gifts so that I might finally be able to create some kind of an inclusive critical snapshot, I almost always immediately realize that rather than coming to some kind of closure on her talents, I've actually just barely begun the voyage of discovering and appreciating them.

“A singer, songwriter, performer, musician and recording artist, who is also a mother, activist, visionary, innovator, entrepreneur and was a partner in Timbuk3, Barbara K is a fan, a believer, a nurturer and an advocate. Now if she only possessed one of those skills it would be amazing. It would be even more stunning if a whole section of those groupings were draped around her shoulders. But since each and every one of those words is appropriate to her, most being simply the opening idea for a whole essay on Barbara, then calling her just a wonderful person, gifted talent and strong performer is limiting rather than extolling.

“A gifted artist, a brilliant writer and a deep and wonderful human being, the rest of us have set sail beginning the long voyage of exploring, appreciating and coming to understand Barbara K in all her depth and fullness.”

Louis Black
Editor of The Austin ChronicleDirector of SXSW