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Step 2 -Contribute Music Downloads

When Step 1 and Step 2 are completed, we'll e-mail you a secure link of where and how to upload a WAV file your music download contribution.

All of us associated with this project are really excited that you are bringing the power of your own music together with the artists who have already contributed.  

Thank you!

Artist Name *
Artist Name
An ISRC Code is required for project participation. Enter the ISRC Code assigned to this recording. If you do not have it handy, leave this field blank. You will be able to submit it later when you upload a WAV file of your music contribution. For more information about ISRC Codes, please visit http://www.usisrc.org.
If promotional photos are available online, please provide a web-link where we may download a photo.
This will be used to promote your music contribution.
For example, ask yourself why you want to contribute to this project, then provide your answer here.
Songwriter Performance Rights Affiliation *
Please indicate your Performance Rights Organization affiliation.
Publisher Performance Rights Affiliation
Please indicate your Publisher's Performance Rights Organization affiliation.
Artist Contact
Artist Contact
Artist Contact Mailing Address
Artist Contact Mailing Address
We'd like to be able to send you a year end report and thank you for your contribution.

Just in case you missed Step 1,
here it is: