The Nature of Truth

The Nature of Truth is the title of a proposed series of broadcast radio programs featuring music donations and statements of support by recording artists willing to take a stand on environmental justice, human rights and freedom of speech.

The Nature of Truth begins with five recording artists who contributed music downloads to support Camp of the Sacred Stones.  Sihasin, Malcolm Holcolmbe, Jess Klein, Jared Tyler and Barbara K are also willing to contribute to The Nature of Truth. 

The purpose of The Nature of Truth is to help raise public awareness of the common good by strengthening noncommercial broadcast and media organizations.

Sales of music donations, assembled into ‘Community Engagement Digital Albums’, form the basis of a new revenue stream developed for community radio stations and independent media organizations.

The Nature of Truth is produced by Sparrows Wheel, a provider of creative solution services for songwriters, recording artists and community organizations.

The Nature of Truth - Pilot Project:
Phase One:  Recording Artist Engagement, May - December 2017
Phase Two:  Community Media and Public Engagement, July - December, 2017

The Nature of Truth’s success is determined by attaining project sustainability in 2017.

Broadcast Radio Programs

The Nature of Truth project will produce a series of weekly 1/2 hour radio programs and daily 7 minute radio segments.

These programs are necessary to expand and establish constituency awareness of the project’s goals in a consistent manner throughout 2017.

The Nature of Truth radio programs have a three-fold purpose:

  • engaging recordings artists in providing music downloads, creating the basis of a new revenue stream for noncommercial radio and media organizations;
  • engaging noncommercial radio stations and media organizations in a pilot project to develop a new revenue stream to support their stations and organizations;
  • engaging public awareness of how ‘Community Engagement Digital Albums’ support noncommercial radio and media organizations. 

The Nature of Truth pilot program features the music of recording artists who have agreed to contribute music downloads for the first The Nature of Truth - Community Engagement Digital Album.

Radio Broadcast Disclosure

The Nature of Truth radio programs will include the FCC required disclosure that “this program is provided by recording artists _______________, _______________, _______________, etc.  [with assistance from _________________ (fiscal sponsor) and a generous grant from  _______________ (foundation)]”.  This relieves the burden of liability of programmers (DJs) inadvertently failing to provide the FCC required on air disclosure while broadcasting program material that provides benefit to the station. 

Community Digital Albums

Community Digital Albums are public service projects hosted via Somuma

Community Digital Albums help raise awareness of and funds for community organizations through the power of music. They can also supports multiple organizations engaged in the same philosophical values:  environmental justice, human rights, freedom of speech and community engagement.

Visit Artists for Media Diversity to find out more about The Nature of Truth.

Visit Artists for Media Diversity to find out more about The Nature of Truth.

Somuma is a public service project of Sparrows Wheel, CleaRights and Artists for Media Diversity.

Sparrows Wheel provides creative solution services for songwriters, recording artists and community organizations.

CleaRights provides music publishing administration and sound recording licensing services. 

Artists for Media Diversity, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation, fosters awareness of the need for independent media voices in America, provides assistance to emerging community-based or public media outlets and promotes musical and cultural diversity.

Somuma is recognized by the Austin Music Foundation:

We believe that as a not for profit public service project, Somuma fits into the guidelines of community music support organizations.
Allegra Benz, Marketing and Events Manager, Austin Music Foundation

Recording Artists

Songwriters and Recording Artists participating in community digital album projects sign up with A4MD's Artists Registry.

Music Download Donation Agreements

To enable proceeds from Community Engagement Digital Albums to benefit more than the one community organization to which the donation is given, Recording Artists participating in The Nature of Truth donate music downloads with the knowledge that 50% of the proceeds from sales of Community Engagement Digital Albums are earmarked for distribution to noncommercial radio stations broadcasting The Nature of Truth radio shows and noncommercial media organizations featuring The Nature of Truth digital albums on websites, blog posts and social media pages.

Fostering Freedom of Speech

Fiscal sponsorship through Media Alliance empowers The Nature of Truth project to apply for Rapid Response Fund grants for radio show production and administration. 

Access to Rapid Response funding enables an immediate project launch of a nine month recording artist, noncommercial media and public engagement campaign through December 2017, establishing the power of music’s role in fostering freedom of speech.

Producers of The Nature of Truth

Executive Producer: Gerald Torres

Gerald Torres is a leading figure in critical race theory, environmental law and federal Indian Law. Currently Jane M.G. Foster Professor and Faculty Fellow at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, he previously served as the Bryant Smith Chair in Law at the University of Texas School of Law and taught at The University of Minnesota Law School, where he served as Associate Dean. He is also a former president of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). Torres has served as deputy assistant attorney general for the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and as counsel to then U.S. attorney general Janet Reno.

Producers: Barbara K and Wolfgang Pracht

With a 30 year history as a songwriter and recording artist, Barbara K,  together with Wolfgang Pracht, a songwriter, musician and trusted advisor with multiple degrees in Anglistics (English Language and Literature), Germanistic (German Language and Literature), Pedagogics, Didactics, Sociology and Comparative Religion from Bonn University in Germany, have a 12 year history of developing community services that engage songwriters and recording artists in support of community organizations via Sparrows Wheel and Artists for Media Diversity.